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What do you do if you turn on your faucet and no water comes out? Often times the most common cause for the water to stop running in a home without warning is when something happens to the water lines that supply the home.

The water pipes in a home are not made to last forever. The material used in the main water supply lines can degrade over time. They can leak or break. This is not the simple repair that you can call anyone out to fix. It requires the help of a professional such as the ones found at Comet Plumbing and Sewer to repair your water supply lines.

One of the biggest problems with a leaky or broken water line is the time that it occurs. It never seems to happen during normal business hours. It is always on the weekend or at night. Fortunately, Comet Plumbing and Sewer are aware that these issues occur at the worst times. They offer their professional services at any time of the day or night and on weekends for the same rate. You do not have to worry about paying extra just because the problem with your water supply happens at the wrong time. Most homeowners are not professional plumbers. They do not know how to fix a leaky or broken water supply main line and they do not have the equipment to do it. They depend on the service they call to do the job the right way. Comet Plumbing and Sewer will give a free quote for any work that they will do. They state the price of the work upfront, so the homeowner is not hit with any more surprises.

Comet Plumbing and Sewer has the tools and people to fix small leaks or complete breaks in the water main. They can do partial or full water domestic line replacements. It is that convenience that the homeowner should expect.

Homeowners in Sunnyvale, San Jose, and the surrounding area have come to expect the water in their home to always be running.  When it stops, it causes major problems. They should not and do not have to wait to get a problem fixed. The help they need is only a phone call away.

Great Company,Great Service Techs.I had a plumbing problem that required a plumbing contractor not some guy in a truck with a 50' power snake .
The man from Comet was very professional Did not talk down to me as others have .Assessed the problem gave me a very reasonable estimate and preformed the work on time.And no extra charges!!!!! I would use this company again and do not hesitate and recommend it. Its nice to know there are still honest and reliable Plumber Contractors out there
Bruce Houseman   12/5/2011

Richard K. April 12, 2011 
Los Altos plumber. ★★★★★
I found this company in my Los Altos Yellow Pages. They checked out my hot water heater which was very noisy and recommended we change it. I never thought about buying a larger capacity water heater for our home until the plumber had mentioned it. So not only do I have a new heater but also more hot water. Now the family will be happy :)

Deepak S. March 09, 2012 
Reliable and professional service. ★★★★★
My family and 
I just moved in, my mother was alarmed when the kitchen sink wasn't draining properly. The owner of Comet Plumbing came quickly to check the plumbing under the sink which I knew was old.

Andrew unblocked the clog and installed new pipework beneath the sink. I am very grateful,it was only $99.00 for this great service.


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