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Your local plumbing service and repair firm that specializes in mainline and sewer plumbing repair and replacement.


Our mission is to strive to earnestly render the most qualified, punctual, honest, and unmatched plumbing experience possible.

We do this by training, investing in, qualifying, drug testing, and rewarding our employees who are expected to perform and conduct themselves in the most professional manner at all times.



Every staff member has demonstrated the high expectations we place upon our company values such as integrity, honesty, personal accountability and trust. 

By combining these standards with expert and cutting edge workmanship, we will have attained our mission goals.

But, in short, we're just a group of HONEST & HARDWORKING people.

Your local plumbing service in South Bay

We are the best locally owned and operated plumbing & sewer company in Sunnyvale and Silicon Valley.

Our plumbers service Sunnyvale, Santa Clara, Mountain View, Los Altos, San Jose, Cupertino, Saratoga & Campbell, CA. We strive to always give the most honest and fair pricing served with the best customer service and high-quality workmanship. Our quotes are always 100% free and our rates never go up because we believe that emergency plumbing is not something you can control or plan, so it should NEVER be the customer's fault if something should happen on weekends, holidays or in the evening. So give us a call! We're your local, friendly and dedicated plumbers.

Comet Plumbing & Sewer Co. performs as a plumbing contractor with professional plumber service to satisfy any of your plumbing needs. We will send a plumbing expert to carry out any plumbing repair. Our plumbing service is always sewer emergency. Emergency plumbing at no extra cost, any time, day or night, holidays, weekends, even during a big party, we come out to fix your plumbing problem at no additional cost to you. Why? We believe that it’s not the customer’s fault when a plumbing emergency arises. Toilets drains, sewers, sinks, faucets, various pipes in kitchens and bathrooms break, leak, back-up, overflow, and just plain don’t work sometimes. You do your best to keep your home in working condition, and we understand that. We will never charge you an arm and a leg just because it’s a holiday or because your toilet has water leaking everywhere from a backed up sewer pipe. We’re members of this community, and we believe that by treating our customers the way we would want to be treated, in a fair and honest manner, we can help out in our part of building the type of community that we want to live in. 

We have competitive prices and offer free estimates for any job and all work needed to make plumbing affordable. We love plumbing and sewer work! Everyone at this company is a member of your community, and we strive to do the best job in any and every plumbing area of expertise. We’re your local bathroom plumber, kitchen plumber, water main plumber. That means we do faucet plumbing, sink plumbing, toilet plumbing and much, much more. If there is something that you think might be plumbing related or that you even need advice on when it comes to pipes, sewers, drains, or anything related to what a plumber can help with, don’t hesitate to call. We’re your local, top quality, top value, plumbers.


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